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Dent Removal Glasgow ( Dent Zap ) specialise in removing dents from cars in and around Glasgow. Every day someones car is dented whether it is their fault or the fault of a careless driver and our service can be carried out at your place of work or at your home. This type of service is also knowns as PDR ( Paintless Dent Removal ).  This kind of repair can be done without having to get your car resprayed, in the past if you had a panel with a dent in it, your car would have to go into a bodyshop, it would get the Dent Removed by a panel beater and then your car would get resprayed.

Dent Removal Glasgow use special techniques and use specialist equipment  that will allow a Paintless Dent Repair technician to push the dent in your car so that there is no damage to your paintwork.  PDR is relatively unknown to the general public, but not to the motor trade, they have been using the PDR method for years whenever they can this saves them time and money as fixing a dent and having to respray that area of the car will cost a lot more in both time and money for many years, this skill has allowed car repair specialists to get work carried out a lot quicker than it once was and cuts down on a lot of costs.

Normally your local body shop will have to hammer out the dent that you have on the car, they then full the dent with some putty and have it sanded down so that the panel is flat and has no dent on it, it is then passed to the paintshop who then have the job of respraying your car.. Not only do they have to paint the damaged panel, they will also have to blend the paintwork into other areas of the car which in turn will cost you a lot more money. Using Dent removal in Glasgow will save your vehicle being in a garage for days or weeks, using our service in most cases the damage is taken out within the hour…..yes the hour! As well as saving you money as costs are usually around 1/3 of what a body shop would charge.

*Remember it is almost always cheaper than claiming your insurance excess!*

An example of what Dent Zap can do for you below.

This is damage before PDR

Bills Jag before

Now have a look at the damage after PDR

Bills Jag after

Below is a quick demonstration of a PDR technician working away at a dent.

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